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  • Mustin, Louise Goodwyn (University of Alabama Libraries, 1936)
  • Fleming, Victor Keith (University of Alabama Libraries, 1976)
    A series of dams was constructed on the Tennessee River in northern Alabama during the second quarter of the 20th century, and federally financed archaeological salvage projects were conducted in the areas to be ...
  • Oldshue, Jerry C. (University of Alabama Libraries, 1961)
    The secession movement in Alabama has been studied in considerable detail, both in a special state monograph and in various treatments of the secession movement in the South. Despite the intensive study already devoted ...
  • Carter, Jack Melton (University of Alabama Libraries, 1953)
    In 1947 the United States Military Academy began the practice of holding an annual intercollegiate debate tournament in which schools from all geographical regions of the United States participated. In order for a ...
  • Johnson, Karlie; Eastman, Katherine S.; Gilbreath, James N. (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2018)
    This is a book chapter from the book "Framing Information Literacy: Teaching Grounded in Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice" (Vol. 5). It discusses information literacy pedagogy. The chapter includes an information literacy ...

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