Mindfulness and academic optimism: a test of their relationship

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The relationship between mindfulness and academic optimism was investigated. Further ,mindfulness and the three properties of academic optimism (collective efficacy, faculty trust in parents and student, and academic emphasis) were examined to determine if a unique and significant relationship exist with one of these three properties. A total of 67 elementary schools were surveyed and 1353 teachers participated in this study. The instruments used in this study were the School Academic Optimism Scale (SAOS) and the Mindfulness Scale (M-Scale). The results indicated that a significant reciprocal relationship exist between mindfulness and academic optimism. A unique and significant relationship was found between mindfulness and academic emphasis. The findings between mindfulness and academic optimism provide theory that does not exist which relates these two constructs. Other findings are congruent with previous theory that mindfulness and academic emphasis have a significant relationship. Unhypothesized findings showed that socio economic status coupled with mindfulness is a strong predictor of academic optimism.

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