Using time geography to geovisualize variation in work-related travel patterns by gender and race

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The main purpose of this thesis is to examine the variation of work-related trips by sex and race or ethnicity. Work-related trips are an important part of American daily life and have a significant influence on a household's travel patterns. Therefore, workrelated trips can well reflect the uneven nature of travel in America. This thesis will study gender and race differences in the journey to work using Time Geography as well as statistical analysis so as to examine the uneven time constraints exerted on different groups of people. The results show that African American groups tend to have more constraints since they need to spend longer time on the trip to work and have less chance of doing other activities in the morning. Among the four groups, European American women are most constrained since they spend the shortest time on nonemployment activities out of home and the types of activities they perform are more related with household responsibilities.

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Geography, Transportation planning