Protest, faith, and race and gender: student experiences at Bennett College for Black Women, 1960-2000

dc.contributorGasman, Marybeth
dc.contributorUrban, Wayne J.
dc.contributorBreaux, Arleene P.
dc.contributorMajor, Claire Howell
dc.contributor.advisorHutcheson, Philo A.
dc.contributor.authorHeight, Sharon Fryar
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Alabama Tuscaloosa
dc.descriptionElectronic Thesis or Dissertationen_US
dc.description.abstractProtest, Faith, and Race and Gender: Student Experiences at Bennett College for Black Women, 1960-2000 is a study of one of only two historically Black colleges and universities that is a single sex institution of higher education with a mission to educate women. Bennett College, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, was founded in 1873 by the Freedmen Aid Society as an institution to educate former slaves, newly emancipated Black men and women. In 1926, the institution was reorganized as a college for women as a result of the philanthropic endeavors of the Home Missionary Society of the United Methodist Church of New York. Spanning a period of 40 years, this work provides a platform for 10 women from various parts of the country and from diverse socioeconomic statuses to share their stories of protest, faith, race and gender in a personal and vivid way that can only be conveyed in the historical narrative format.en_US
dc.format.extent140 p.
dc.publisherUniversity of Alabama Libraries
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dc.rightsAll rights reserved by the author unless otherwise indicated.en_US
dc.subjectHigher education administration
dc.titleProtest, faith, and race and gender: student experiences at Bennett College for Black Women, 1960-2000en_US
dc.typetext of Alabama. Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies University of Alabama
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