Pedagogical practices and beliefs in preparing English learners for the ARMT+ and the access

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This study investigated the impact of preparing English learners for the ARMT+ and the ACCESS on the classroom pedagogy and practice of 4 case study teachers identified by their principals as meeting the stated requirements. The setting was 7th-grade Math and English middle school classrooms. The study examined the classroom instruction of those case study teachers in their regular instruction while preparing the ELs for their state mandated tests. Within a sociocultural framework, this study intended to bridge the gap in literature by exploring the pedagogical practices of these teachers toward the preparing of ELs for the state mandated testing. Data was collected through an initial survey, interviews, classroom observations, and field notes. The study sought trustworthiness through interview transcriptions with peer debriefing and member checks. Sources, data collection methods, and data analysis methods were also triangulated. This study demonstrates the need for a change in teacher beliefs in preparation for state mandated tests, combined with more professional development to meet the needs of the ever-changing student population.

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English as a second language, Education