Meeting the standards: a look at one university's efforts to prepare tomorrow's teachers to use technology

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What are the perceptions of elementary teachers regarding their ability to meet the state technology standards for teachers during their classroom instruction? What did the teachers perceive as current barriers in meeting the state technology standards and how have they been able to overcome the barriers? What are the perceptions of elementary teachers on the professional development received by the school in meeting the state technology standards? These questions are important because teachers have been given the responsibility of not only providing their students with content knowledge but also providing students the knowledge to use technology resources in the classroom. The preparedness of the teacher to provide this guidance begins in the teacher education program and continues through technology related professional development provided by the schools. However, teachers encounter barriers along the way that hamper their ability to successfully integrate technology. The survey instrument in this study was used to gather data from elementary teachers employed in sixteen schools representing three school systems in one southeastern university's service area. The data revealed that most teachers perceive that they are meeting the state technology standards. However, there are still perceived weaknesses in meeting some of the standards. The availability of technology resources and the lack of technology related professional development were barriers to successful technology integration. It is recommended that school districts provide more technology related professional development that is consistent with the new state technology standards implemented in 2009. It is also recommended that future research focus on the relationship between technology integration and student achievement.

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Education, Technology, Elementary education