Perceptions of community college adult basic education faculty regarding faculty professional development in Alabama community colleges

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Faculty professional development is an integral part of the overall mission of the Adult Basic Education programs that are operated under the auspices of the Alabama Community College System. Since their realignment within the ACCS in 2004, there has been a continual process underway to increase professional development activities at both the local institutional level and at the System level as well. In spite of decreasing budgets, economic challenges, and a deteriorating educational level of the statewide workforce, faculty professional development has never been more critical to the communities where these comprehensive community colleges are located. Through the various levels and assorted types of activities that take place within the Adult Basic Education program mission, faculty members participate under the conceptual premise that participation leads to greater position satisfaction and higher levels of student success. Through this topical area of research and via the survey instrument involved, a primary premise evolved: the premise that faculty members possess their own preferences for the professional development activities in which they choose to participate. When faculty members participate within the types of environments they prefer, under delivery formats where they are most comfortable, and in topical areas where they perceive a real sense of need, true faculty professional development can occur. This professional development can be continual and effective at better enabling faculty members to institute change in their classrooms.

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