Improved measurement of the 2 nu beta beta half-life of Xe-136 with the EXO-200 detector

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American Physical Society

We report on an improved measurement of the 2 nu beta beta half-life of Xe-136 performed by EXO-200. The use of a large and homogeneous time-projection chamber allows for the precise estimate of the fiducial mass used for the measurement, resulting in a small systematic uncertainty. We also discuss in detail the data-analysis methods used for double-beta decay searches with EXO-200, while emphasizing those directly related to the present measurement. The Xe-136 2 nu beta beta half-life is found to be T-1/2(2 nu beta beta) = 2.165 +/- 0.016(stat) +/- 0.059(sys) x 10(21) yr. This is the most precisely measured half-life of any 2 nu beta beta decay to date.

DOUBLE-BETA DECAY, Physics, Nuclear, Physics
Albert, J., et al. (2014): Improved Measurement of the 2νββ Half-Life of 136Xe with the EXO-200 Detector. Physical Review C, 89(1). DOI: