SU(2)(L) doublet vector dark matter from gauge-Higgs unification

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American Physical Society

A new vector dark matter (DM) scenario in the context of the gauge-Higgs unification (GHU) is proposed. The DM particle is identified with an electric-charge neutral component in an (SU\left(2{\right)}{L}) doublet vector field with the same quantum number as the Standard Model Higgs doublet. Since such an (SU\left(2{\right)}{L}) doublet vector field is incorporated in all models of the GHU scenario, it is always a primary and model-independent candidate for the DM in the scenario. The observed relic density is reproduced through DM pair annihilations into the weak gauge bosons with a TeV-scale DM mass, which is nothing but the compactification scale of extra dimensions. Due to the higher-dimensional gauge structure of the GHU scenario, a pair of the DM particles has no direct coupling with a single (Z)-boson/Higgs boson, so that the DM particle evades the severe constraint from the current direct DM search experiments.

SYMMETRY-BREAKING, MASS, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics, Particles & Fields, Physics
Maru, N., Okada, N., & Okada, S. (2018). SU(2)L doublet vector dark matter from gauge-Higgs unification. In Physical Review D (Vol. 98, Issue 7). American Physical Society (APS).