The effect and impact of evaluating college counseling center services

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Research evidence suggests that counseling services have a positive impact on retention efforts in higher education (Sharkin, 2004). There is also research that supports the use of evaluation of centers for administrators to justify improving services. Although research supports the contribution of college counseling centers to retention, there is need for more assessment of overall counseling center services. This study explores student perceptions of a college counseling center's services and what influences those perceptions have. Many factors influence the decisions students make concerning whether to remain in school or leave. This study used an outcome survey given to students seen at a University of Alabama Counseling Center. It was given to every Counseling Center client who had been seen for at least 3 sessions. It was given during a 4-week period in the spring semester 2011. There was a significant relationship between satisfaction and importance of counseling center services. Students who thought services were important were also satisfied with services and vice versa. Males and females did not differ in their perception of the importance of the relationship with the counselor. Freshmen, sophomores, junior, seniors, and others did not differ in their perception of the importance of relationship with the counselor. Overall, students were satisfied with counseling services at The University of Alabama.

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