The impact of exposure to elite wheelchair athletes: perceptions of pre-service physical education teachers

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This study examined the perceptions of six pre-service physical education teachers on students and athletes who use a wheelchair. The study used qualitative techniques to interview each individual participant twice, once prior to the experiences and once following all experiences. Critical incidents were recorded following each experience, and two focus groups sections were done with all participants. The purpose of these sessions was to get an insightful understanding of how the participants viewed students who use wheelchairs. The findings of this research study have been summarized into six themes: 1) self-confidence is key to success; 2) modification provides opportunity; 3) experience is essential to competence; 4) different but equal; 5) ability levels of athletes; and 6) wheelchair athletic intensity. Although this study included only six pre-service physical education teachers, the themes found in this study could be used for future research or by curriculum designers to better inform the instruction of pre-service teachers on their view of students who use a wheelchair.

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Kinesiology, Special education, Physical education