Ferromagnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Studies of Arrays of Micron Size Permalloy Dots


Ferromagnetic resonance force microscopy (FMRFM) offers a means of performing local ferromagnetic resonance. The authors have studied the evolution of the FMRFM force spectra in a continuous 50 nm thick permalloy film as a function of probe-film distance and performed numerical simulations of the intensity of the FMRFM probe-film interaction force, accounting for the presence of the localized strongly nonuniform magnetic field of the FMRFM probe magnet. Excellent agreement between the experimental data and the simulation results provides insight into the mechanism of FMR mode excitation in a FMRFM experiment.

Magnetic resonance, Spatial resolution, Spatial analysis, Ferromagnetic resonance, Magnetic resonance, Permalloys, Deconvolution, Magnetic fields
Nazaretski, E., et al. (2007): Ferromagnetic Resonance Force Microscopy on a Thin Permalloy Film, Applied Physics Letters, 90(23).