El impacto de textos en contextos familiares en comunidades de práctica para la adquicisción de vocabulario y estructuras gramáticales de español inicial acelerado

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This study, which involved classroom-based experimental research conducted during the Fall semester of 2013 in a Spanish class at Oakwood University, aimed at extending the findings of previous studies on the use of familiar texts in reading and writing (Brown 2007, Vygotsky 1978, Kern 2000, Rollins & Villamil 2001, McCourt 2006, Morris, Beck & Smith 2004, Smith & Carvill 2000, Baring 2008, Bonard 2000, White 2009, Freire 1970. To do so, this study examined empirically the impact of familiar texts on students' reading and writing outcomes using treatment and control conditions for comparison. This study was also interested in demonstrating whether working with these types of texts within a "community of practice" affected reading and writing outcomes. This study presented quantitative evidence in relation to the use of familiar texts for pre-, co- (simultaneous), and post-reading and writing activities at beginning college levels. The tests determined that there were statistically significant differences between scores on reading and writing exercises in the treatment and control conditions. The results suggest that students who were in the treatment condition (with familiar texts) outperformed students in the control condition and did so at a level that is statistically significant. Qualitative evidence was also obtained suggesting positive impact for learning within a community of linguistic practice. Participant surveys revealed that the students felt less anxious and more motivated when their ability to identify with the learning environment was enhanced via the use of familiar texts for pre-, co-, and post-reading and writing activities.

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Linguistics, Foreign language instruction