The apology

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This work is a multi-movement, multi-channel, electro-acoustic composition featuring digitally synthesized audio, recorded audio, baritone soloist, tenor soloist, and men's choir. The text is taken from G.M.A. Grube's translation of "Apology" as written by Plato. Some original additions to the text have been inserted where chronological events in Plato's writing are disrupted. "The Apology" depicts the trial of Socrates, specifically the defense Socrates provides on his own behalf. Socrates (baritone) is accused of treason and heresy by Meletus (tenor). Although Meletus is confident due to his popular support, he is unprepared to deal with Socrates' wit. Socrates eventually falls into the same type of lecture that garnered his unpopularity in the first place. Ultimately, the final vote is close, but Socrates is found guilty and sentenced to death by poisoning. This work is in five parts titled as follows: I - Accusations, II - The First Defense, III - Elenchus, IV - Guilty!, V - Last Lecture. The duration of the work is fifteen minutes.

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