The SRP-II as a rich source of data on the psychopathic personality

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This study examines the factor structure, external correlates, and predictive utility of the Self-Report Psychopathy scale (SRP-II; Hare, Harpur, & Hemphill, 1989). It was hypothesized that the SRP-II would sufficiently tap facets of the psychopathic personality, despite failing to replicate the structure of the PCL-R, and thereby provide a rich source of data for examining the construct of psychopathy as delineated by Cleckley (1941). Participants for the current investigation were 1257 undergraduate students who completed a battery of psychological tests. Exploratory factor analysis revealed that models with two to four factors made the most conceptual sense. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed a rationally-derived, four-factor model to have the best fit. Further analyses indicate these factors are linked to, and are significant predictors of, external correlates relevant to psychopathy.

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Personality psychology