Design and self-calibration scheme for RF circuits using mems in 3D packages

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This thesis presents a novel on-chip testing and self-calibration methodology of a 5 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with micro electro-mechanical switches (MEMS) using three dimensional (3D) through-silicon via (TSV) packaging technology. The LNA can self-calibrate its gain and noise figure (NF). On-chip testing is performed using a peak detector and a digital signal processor (DSP). A low-cost self-calibration scheme is proposed which utilizes a tuning circuit consisting of an inductor and capacitor bank and a MEMS switch matrix. The MEMS switch matrix and the analog circuitry are fabricated on two separate dies and stacked using TSV. With increasing demand for integrating analog, digital and RF circuits on a single chip, 3D packaging is the best way to realize this. The utilization of 3D-TSV technology in this work optimized the usage of real estate without compromising on the signal integrity of the complete circuit. MEMS switches provided high isolation and lesser parasitic effects than conventional transistor based switches. Most of the parametric variations within the LNA were identified by the testing circuit. The self-calibration circuit is capable of correcting these variations. The testing and self-calibration circuits successfully accomplished the task of keeping the gain of the LNA > 8 dB, noise figure < 2 dB and stability factor > 1.

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