An assessment of music programs in the Alabama Community College System

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The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) consists of 21 comprehensive community colleges, four technical colleges, and Athens State University, the state's only upper level, two- year college. The majority of those 21 colleges incorporate the five objectives of providing transfer, vocational/technical and remedial education, as well as opportunities for lifelong learning and community service in both their goal and mission statements. The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not Alabama community college music programs contribute to the mission of their respective colleges as well as the overall mission of the ACCS by achieving these five objectives. Information about transfer, vocational/technical and remedial education was obtained by comparing the music courses offered in the System's common course guide with those in the 2008 catalogs and 2008-2009 course schedules of each institution. Information about lifelong learning and community service opportunities was obtained by interviewing a full- time member of the music faculty at 19 of the 21 institutions offering music courses. This study explores what music courses are being offered by music departments at Alabama's comprehensive community colleges as they relate to the goals and objectives of each school as well as the goals of the Alabama Community College System.

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Music, Higher education