"The multitude of thronging thoughts and baseless dreams": the diary of Caroline Stern

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Caroline Stern, the "Mother of Greenville's authors," is a legend in the Mississippi Delta, but little if anything is known about her life outside of her role as an influential teacher. Through this transcription and analysis of her diary, Stern's legacy is altered to embody her self beyond her life as a teacher, recovering her voice from the anonymity and patriarchy overshadowing it.This diary provides a voice to a woman, whose artistry was once only acknowledged through the men whom she mentored, and the transcription draws attention to her own art and exposes the internal struggles of her life in the brief period of time. Most significantly, it recovers Carrie Stern's true self: a well-rounded and educated woman and a talented artist who struggles to answer questions about herself and the world around her and to find a place of personal joy and contentment.

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