Data for a meta-analysis of the adaptive layer in adaptive large neighborhood search


Meta-analysis, a systematic statistical examination that combines the results of several independent studies, has the potential of obtaining problem- and implementation-independent knowledge and understanding of metaheuristic algorithms, but has not yet been applied in the domain of operations research. To illustrate the procedure, we carried out a meta-analysis of the adaptive layer in adaptive large neighborhood search (ALNS). Although ALNS has been widely used to solve a broad range of problems, it has not yet been established whether or not adaptiveness actually contributes to the performance of an ALNS algorithm. A total of 134 studies were identified through Google Scholar or personal email correspondence with researchers in the domain, 63 of which fit a set of predefined eligibility criteria. The results for 25 different implementations of ALNS solving a variety of problems were collected and analyzed using a random effects model. This dataset contains a detailed comparison of ALNS with the non-adaptive variant per study and per instance, together with the meta-analysis summary results. The data enable to replicate the analysis, to evaluate the algorithms using other metrics, to revisit the importance of ALNS adaptive layer if results from more studies become available, or to simply consult the ready-to-use formulas in the summary file to carry out a meta-analysis of any research question. The individual studies, the meta-analysis and its results are described and interpreted in detail in Renata Turkes, Kenneth Sorensen, Lars Magnus Hvattum, Meta-analysis of Metaheuristics: Quantifying the Effect of Adaptiveness in Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search, in the European Journal of Operational Research. (c) 2020 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc. This is an open access article under the CC BY license (

Meta-analysis, Metaheuristics, Adaptive large neighborhood search, VEHICLE-ROUTING PROBLEM, BERTH ALLOCATION, ALGORITHM, Multidisciplinary Sciences
Turkeš, R., Sörensen, K., Hvattum, L. M., Barrena, E., Chentli, H., Coelho, L. C., Dayarian, I., Grimault, A., Gullhav, A. N., Iris, Ç., Keskin, M., Kiefer, A., Lusby, R. M., Mauri, G. R., Monroy-Licht, M., Parragh, S. N., Riquelme-Rodríguez, J.-P., Santini, A., Santos, V. G. M., & Thomas, C. (2020). Data for a meta-analysis of the adaptive layer in adaptive large neighborhood search. In Data in Brief (Vol. 33, p. 106568). Elsevier BV.