Selected works for tuba and electronic media

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Electronic media permeate our everyday lives through email, social media, and the Internet; music is no exception. With their rise in popularity electronics have become commonplace in accompanying music of all genres, including classical music. We have embraced the potential of electronics to open new sonic boundaries that were previously inaccessible with traditional instruments. An expanded sound palate leads to the creation of new works, innovation, and growth in the art of music. One way classically trained musicians can make sure the art form remains relevant is through innovation using the media of our time. Humanity has a growing interest in and facility with electronics, and it is necessary to embrace and develop this genre of music. The first tuba and electronic media pieces were composed in the early 1970s and are relatively neglected when compared to more “traditional” repertoire. That is slowly changing as more pieces using electronic media are composed for the tuba. This genre is becoming more widely accepted as it continues to develop through the introduction of new compositions. In the following material I discuss the importance and pedagogical value of tuba and electronic media compositions. I have chosen seven pieces that have influenced the genre or that are characteristic of it and explore them here in some detail. In this paper I have given suggestions on how to best prepare these pieces for public performance. This paper was written to accompany my fifth recital at the University of Alabama. All the pieces discussed here were performed on my recital March 22, 2017.

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