Using virtual reality to increase charitable donations

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Marketer interest in using virtual reality (VR) as a persuasion tactic continues to rise. Notably, one sector at the forefront of utilizing this tactic for persuasive means is nonprofit marketing. Many charities have devoted considerable resources to creating VR appeals under the assumption that this medium will increase donations over and above present tactics. However, research has not yet examined the persuasive consequences VR may provide over more traditional channels. This research seeks to understand the opportunities and limitations this emerging tactic can offer marketers. Specifically, we examine the donation effectiveness of three real VR charitable appeals by assessing actual donation behaviors, and find that VR appeals increase donations compared to a two-dimensional (2D) format. This work addresses a timely and relevant issue for practitioners and opens doors to future research investigating VR's applications to marketing.

Virtual reality, Charitable giving.donations, Persuasion, Digital marketing, EMPATHY, TECHNOLOGY, FUTURE, HELP, Business
Kristofferson, K., Daniels, M. E., & Morales, A. C. (2022). Using virtual reality to increase charitable donations. In Marketing Letters (Vol. 33, Issue 1, pp. 75–87). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.