Updating and expanding a multi resolution linear referencing system functional merge

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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) uses two separate linear referencing systems (LRSs) for complete statewide crash mapping. The State Trunk Network (STN) represents only state routes while the Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads (WISLR) includes all roads, with additional detail given to local routes. A functional link between the two systems, the link-link table, has been developed that allows data to be translated from STN(a higher resolution representation) to WISLR (a lower resolution representation). This functional link between the two systems requires updating to reflect changes due to roadway construction, linear referencing system edits, and other changes. The focus of this research was to develop a technique to update the functional merge between the two systems. Updating the link-link table is needed to allow for continued data translation between from STN to WISLR, allowing for regular formation of a statewide crash map. While data is easily translated from high to low resolution, ambiguities arise when data is moved from low resolution to high resolution. Research presented in this thesis identifies common problems associated with low to high resolution data translation and provides some rules and guidelines to accommodate these issues. This thesis presents the link-link table update methodology, an approach to expanded data translation between dissimilar-resolution LRSs, and recommendations for future work related to each topic.

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