Isospin diffusion in thermal AdS/CFT correspondence with flavor

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American Physical Society

We study the gauge/gravity dual of a finite temperature field theory at finite isospin chemical potential by considering a probe of two coincident D7-branes embedded in the AdS-Schwarzschild black hole background. The isospin chemical potential is obtained by giving a vacuum expectation value to the time component of the non-Abelian gauge field on the brane. The fluctuations of the non-Abelian gauge field on the brane are dual to the SU(2) flavor current in the field theory. For the embedding corresponding to vanishing quark mass, we calculate all Green functions corresponding to the components of the flavor current correlator. We discuss the physical properties of these Green functions, which go beyond linear response theory. In particular, we show that the isospin chemical potential leads to a frequency-dependent isospin diffusion coefficient.

QCD, TEMPERATURE, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Physics, Particles & Fields, Physics
Erdmenger, J., Kaminski, M., Rust, F. (2007): Isospin Diffusion in Thermal AdS/CFT Correspondence with Flavor, Physical Review D 76.