Chemical Structure Data File for D.S. Martinez's Dissertation, "Syntheses of C-Glycoside Natural Products via Oxocarbenium Cationic Intermediates."

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University of Alabama Libraries
This Structure Data File (SDfile) is associated with the thesis: Martinez, D.S. "Syntheses of C-glycoside natural products via oxocarbenium cationic intermediates." Ph.D. Thesis, The University of Alabama, 2011. and It is distributed by the University of Alabama Libraries. The SDfile is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( Chemical Structure Data Files can be viewed/processed with most cheminformatics toolkits and stand-alone software packages: See Note that this is the archived non-standardized chemical substance data. If you are looking for the standardized data" see the UA Libraries PubChem Data Source: The specific substances associated with this data set are indicated by the local DATSOURCE_REGID identifiers within the SDfile. These identifiers can be used to cross-reference the data within PubChem. Moreover, additional information about the structure data compiling workflow is available on the UA Libraries GitHub Chemical Structures Project Page: