Male and female superintendents: a comparison of differences in salaries, interview experiences, and contract negotiations

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This study reports the results of a comparison of differences in salary, interview experiences, and contract negotiations for male and female superintendents. Other variables of interest include educational attainment and educational experiences. The study participants (N=161) consisted of practicing superintendents from four regions of the United States. The study was conducted in two stages. First, the participants completed a questionnaire reporting selected demographic and professional variables. Second, 12 male superintendents and 12 female superintendents participated in a semi- structured interview. The independent variables were gender, educational attainment, and educational experiences in administration at the school or central office level. The major findings were as follows: There were no major differences in salary for male and female superintendents when they have similar educational attainment and educational experience. There were some differences for male and female interview questions. Females were asked more questions about leadership style and mobility. Male candidates were asked more vision questions that pertained to the direction and future of the school system. There was no significant difference for males and females in contract negotiations. The findings have practical implications for future studies and for practice.

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Educational leadership, Educational administration