Evaluating the Effectiveness of Staff Education on the use of PowerGlide ProTM Ultrasound Guided Intravenous Insertion on First Attempt Success Rate and Confidence with Technique

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Introduction/Purpose: Ultrasound guided peripheral IV (UGPIV) placement is a practice that isempirically supported. The PowerGlide ProTM is one ultrasound technology and has the potentialto decrease the number of attempts providers use to obtain peripheral access. However,standardized provider education on the use of this device is not universal and may impactprovider confidence and success rates. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the impact ofstandardized education provided by the vendor for the PowerGlide ProTM technology on firstattempt success rates and provider confidence.Methods: A pre- and post-educational confidence survey was completed by providers whoattended the standardized education offered by the Vendor. A procedure log was maintained totrack usage of the PowerGlide ProTM and provider success rate with peripheral IV placement.Results: Using a significance level of p <.05, a statistically significant difference in the pre- andpost-education surveys between the pre (M = 11.6, SD = 4.42) and post implementation (M =14.9, SD = 3.64) survey values [t (N =20) = -2.57, p = .007].Discussion: Provider confidence with use of the PowerGlide ProTM improved significantlyfollowing implementation of the standardized education. There was a mean increase of 3.3points from pre to post-test scores. The overall effect was large (d=.82). There was also aclinically significant decrease in the number of PIV attempts when using the PowerGlide ProTMtechnology.

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Ultrasonography, Interventional, Education--Standards--United States, Injections, Intravenous