Social emotional learning in the music classroom: a cross-case analysis of teacher experiences in the Rock and Roll Academy

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The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of teachers in the Rock and Roll Academy (RRA), a music program designed to meet social emotional learning (SEL) objectives. This endeavor was undertaken to fill the existing research gap related to understanding the unique challenges and dynamics experienced by teachers within a commonly designed SEL environment. It employed a qualitative case study approach, providing individual and cross case analyses based on the analysis of text collected through field observations and multiple interviews of five teacher participants who trained for and teach within a Rock and Roll Academy program. Findings indicate that prior to teaching RRA, participants possessed a bias for traditional, teacher-centered educational practices. Additionally, findings identified value related to teacher preparation and training. Within the area of teacher activity, RRA evidence shows teachers engage in student-centered pedagogy, and promote social engagement within the classroom. Last, in the area of teacher outlook, research findings show teachers demonstrate program commitment and commonly identify developing SEL focus. Information contained within this study may be helpful to those who teach a classroom-based SEL program. This research may also be useful to school administrators interested in implementing an SEL program of design similar to RRA and would offer a greater understanding of qualities helpful to the facilitation of SEL in the classroom and important information about potential challenges related to its implementation.

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Education, Educational psychology