Landscapes, Series II by Traci Mendel: a pedagogical approach

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Because there are limited resources that discuss how young horn players can approach contemporary music, this document offers a thorough examination of Landscapes, Series II by Traci Mendel. Inexperienced horn players may find this piece of contemporary music unapproachable unless they have the necessary knowledge to dissect the piece into manageable sections. For Landscapes, Series II, programmatic components provide information that is useful when interpreting the piece; a pedagogical analysis offers a phrase-by-phrase presentation. Through numerous interviews with the composer, as well as my own multiple experiences of extensively preparing Landscapes, Series II, I will show what an inexperienced horn player should focus on in order to successfully prepare this piece for performance. This will be achieved by first explaining the programmatic content as conveyed by the composer, so the performer has a firm concept of Mendel's artistic vision; then dissecting difficult rhythmic passages in order to aid with issues of ensemble; and finally through pedagogical suggestions for horn specific technical considerations that will aid in accurately relating the intent of the composer as well as efficiently and effectively executing extreme and nontraditional music for the horn.

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Music, Pedagogy, Performing arts