The effects of video game exposure, unmitigated agency, and moral disengagement on risky driving behavior in adolescents and young adults

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An online survey was administered to 301 Introductory Psychology students assessing unmitigated agency, moral disengagement, exposure to video games, and driving behavior. Both video game categories and driving behavior were disaggregated into subcategories. Regression analyses revealed that unmitigated agency significantly predicted all categories of risky driving behavior (H1), and mediation analyses found that moral disengagement partially explained all relations between unmitigated agency and type of risky driving behavior (H2). Regression analyses also revealed that type of video game exposure significantly predicted most categories of risky driving behavior (H3). For all instances in which there was a significant relation between video game category and type of risky driving behavior, mediation analyses indicated that moral disengagement either partially or fully explained those relations (H4).

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Experimental psychology, Social psychology