Synthesizing Paternal Mental Health Advances and Clinical Social Work Practice: A Mapping Review

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Clinical research and practice in the area of paternal perinatal mental health is expanding throughout the allied health fields However, the absence of father-focused paternal perinatal research and the prioritizing of child and family-focused paternal perinatal research is particularly noticeable within Social Work literature. While recent Social Work scholarship on research related to paternal mental health and the experience of fathers exists, it is sparse. This mapping review focused on what is currently known about helping fathers in the perinatal period, in order to increase Social Work knowledge and practice. This review explores existing and relevant knowledge related to practices to better serve fathers and their families, and identifies gaps in research and clinical care for Social Work readers. Themes amongst the existing knowledge related to developmental change, traumatic birth, paternal mental health, interventions, neurobiology, and policy will be discussed before concluding with a focus on emerging focal points for future research related to nurturing fathers during perinatal care.

Capstone Report
Fathers--Mental health, Fatherhood, Mental health, Maternal-fetal medicine