The sorority life: sorority women's perceptions of their experiences at a polytechnic institution

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The purpose of this qualitative research study was to understand women's perceptions of their experiences as sorority women at an institute of technology. Ultimately, this research strove to determine in what way sorority women at a polytechnic institution perceived their college experiences, including; how they perceive the general campus climate, the climate on campus for women, their perceptions of the Greek community, and how they characterize other members of their sororities. I found that most women expressed an atmosphere of loneliness for women on campus in an environment that is "boring" to most students. In addition, the women expressed the opportunities they feel were provided to them through their membership in the Greek community. Lastly, the women classified their relationships with the other women in the Greek system as those of a family relationship, a role model relationship and a helping relationship. Most of the women in this study did describe an overall positive academic and personal growth experience associated with their sorority membership on the Southern Polytechnic State University Campus.

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