Fermionic Minimal Dark Matter in 5D Gauge-Higgs Unification

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We propose a minimal dark matter (MDM) scenario in the context of a simple gauge-Higgs unification (GHU) model based on the gauge group SU(3) × U(1)′ in five-dimensional Minkowski space with a compactification of the fifth dimension on the S¹/Z₂ orbifold. A pair of vectorlike SU(3) multiplet fermions in a higher-dimensional representation is introduced in the bulk, and the DM particle is identified with the lightest mass eigenstate among the components in the multiplets. In the original model description, the DM particle communicates with the Standard Model (SM) particles only through the bulk gauge interaction, and hence our model is the GHU version of the MDM scenario. There are two typical realizations of the DM particle in four-dimensional effective theory: (i) the DM particle is mostly composed of the SM SU(2)⌄L multiplets, or (ii) the DM is mostly composed of the SM SU(2)⌄L singlets. Since the case (i) is very similar to the original MDM scenario, we focus on the case (ii), which is a realization of the Higgs-portal DM scenario in the context of the GHU model. We identify an allowed parameter region to be consistent with the current experimental constraints, which will be fully covered by the direct dark matter detection experiments in the near future. In the presence of the bulk multiplet fermions in higher-dimensional SU(3) representations, we reproduce the 125 GeV Higgs boson mass through the renormalization group evolution of Higgs quartic coupling with the compactification scale of 10–100 TeV.

Extensions of Higgs sector, Hierarchy problem, Higher-dimensional field theories, Particle dark matter, Weakly interacting massive particles, Particles & Fields