Maintaining lasting recovery after graduating from a collegiate recovery community

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This phenomenological study sought to identify best practices employed by Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) members who successfully stayed in recovery after graduating and leaving said community. Research was conducted through semi-structured interviews with CRC graduates that self-reported uninterrupted sobriety for at least one year post-graduation. Twelve interviews were conducted and nine tertiary themes were identified through content analysis. Two independent reviewers were utilized to eliminate potential bias, consciously or unconsciously from the researcher. The independent reviewers confirmed six of the nine originally identified themes. The six tertiary themes that were identified and confirmed were: Maintaining Recovery Routines, Social Support, Personal/Peer Accountability, Motivating Emotions, Recovery/Life Balance, and Spirituality. The results of this research provide insights into the best practices utilized by successful CRC alumni and inform the growing literature surrounding CRCs.

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Health education, Social research, Public health