(Re)Presenting the Margins: Life Histories of Minoritized Individuals

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This article-style dissertation focuses on the life histories of three diverse individuals. Little research has been done in the United States using life history methodologies within sports pedagogy. Several researchers have advocated for the continued use of life history methodologies to better understand and identify how different ethnicities and social identities experience marginality (Sparks et al., 1993; Dowling et al. 2015). Beyond using the life history method, all three of the studies focused on marginalization and presenting their counterstories by centering each participant’s voice. The first article’s purpose was to outline the participants’ Life History, and the study utilized Stereotype Threat and the Critical Race Theory tenets of microaggressions and counterstories. Specifically, the participant was an African American Physical Education teacher educator and higher education administrator. The second article presented a counter-narrative that rivals the dominant ideas and perspectives about Latino/a/x and Hispanic coaches. The purpose of the study, beyond presenting a comprehensive life history, was to explore how they experienced marginalization throughout their life and career, which was done using Latino/a/x Critical Race Theory. The final article’s purpose in this three-article dissertation was to find how women of color coaches experience marginalization through the lens of Critical Race Feminism. All three articles found that each participant experienced marginalization, microaggressions, and different forms of discrimination.

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Coaching, counter-story, marginalization,, microaggression, Physical education, stereotype threat