Reference Recordings of Advanced Flexible-Instrumentation Literature for Wind Band

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This project comprises an album of flexible-instrumentation music for wind band (flex band music) and an accompanying manuscript discussing the need for this type of music in support of music education in the United States. Recordings took place at the Bryant-Jordan Hall recording studio on the campus of The University of Alabama between January 25 and February 25, 2021. The album consists of two works for flex band, each presented in three discrete mixes/instrumentations, with each part having been recorded individually to facilitate the production of multiple different final products. The manuscript discusses the benefit to directors and students of smaller instrumental ensembles in being able to hear flex band music performed by different combinations of instruments. Also included in the manuscript is a brief historical overview of the wind band and its various instrumentations focused on fostering an understanding of the necessity for flex band music, background information on the compositions and their composers as justification for their selection for this project, and biographical information on the performers.

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Flex band, Flexible instrumentation