A review of court cases involving out-of-school suspension and expulsion

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Research in the field of out-of-school suspension and expulsion in K-12 public schools is limited when focusing on violence, due process, weapons, drugs and alcohol, and search and seizure. Understanding the role of an administrator when dealing with out-of-school suspension an expulsion led the researcher to develop the following question: What should administrators know about court cases involving out-of-school suspension and expulsion. Cases were identified involving out-of-school suspension and expulsion, in an attempt to answer the research question. The researcher examined over 450 cases in the area related to the topic. Through legal methodology, the researcher identified 97 cases related to the research question. Case analysis supplied a perceptive of the response. The researcher noticed the releuctancy of the courts to become involed in school-related decisions unless an amendment violation is in question. It is vital to understand that students do not shed their rights at the schoolhouse door, but schools are given a tremendous amout of flexibilty in order to provide a safe and productive learning environment. The reseacher did not examine cases related to students with special needs. The data provided in this research document focuses on students who do not require special accommodations.

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