My state with kings

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My State With Kings is a polyphonic composition for solo mezzo-soprano in one movement. The composition is approximately 6.5 minutes long and the text comes from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 29. Pitch material through the first two-thirds of the pieces is determined by a series of improvisatory designs. After the volta, the harmonic material is comprised of pitches belonging to the C# mixolydian scale. The contour of the composition, as well as the rhythmic structures, adhere to the formal and thematic structures of the sonnet. The sonnet has a rhyme scheme of couplets: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. The melodic contour is informed by the sonnet’s rhyme scheme and formal design. The registral timbres of the vocalist are extensively explored throughout the composition. The dynamics and articulations follow my own interpretation of the emotional content of the sonnet.

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