Hello darlin': scripts, roles, and expectations on first dates

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In the current study, Expectancy Violations Theory provides the framework for understanding and labeling violations of expectations for participants' first dates. Previous avenues of this research have focused on identifying dating scripts (the "blueprint" that prescribes daters' actions) by manipulating various factors of alcohol consumption, sex of the date initiator, and the date location. However, there is a missing connection to what makes up these dating scripts in relation to expectancy violations. In this study (n = 256), those previously considered factors are tested with a new variable in religiosity and manipulated to see if they have an impact on a person's sexual expectations for first dates. The findings support the proposed hypotheses that men expect more sexual behavior on female initiated dates F (1, 121) = 0.264, p < .011, that the context of a date influences expectancy violations F (2, 247) = 3.03, p < .05, and that religiosity plays a role on expectations that limits the amount of sexual behavior expected on first dates r = .149, n = 248, p < .05.

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Communication, Social research, Religion