The perceived effects of No Child Left Behind on student learning, curriculum, and instruction

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This dissertation examined perceptions of superintendents, principals and teachers about South Carolina's Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test or the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards testing program. A systemic sample of 729 superintendents, principals, and teachers were selected to participate in the study. A survey was emailed to the educators to gather their opinions and their perceptions of the South Carolina testing program. Three hundred seventy-four questionnaires were returned for a 52% return rate. Descriptive statistics were used to reveal participant's responses in five domains. A MANOVA was computed to determine if any significant main effects or interactions were evident among the independent variables of contract status, years of experience and position. Seven telephone surveys were conducted to increase understanding of the dependent variables or domains. Qualitative strategies were used to analyze these data. The results of the study found that opinions of superintendents, principals, and teachers differed in only one domain, school outcomes, based on contract status and years of experience.

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