Three depictions of women from the perspective of men

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The purpose of this manuscript is to set into context a recital that highlights three categories of songs depicting women from the perspective of men. The recital was held on 01 April 2014. The program and translations of the song texts appear in an appendix at the end of this manuscript. The selections are from different time periods and locales; the women in these songs range from the most holy to the most depraved, from the most to least loving. In the first category, "The Depiction of Women as Ethereal Beings," women are viewed by men as more elevated in character or in status, and thus more powerful. "The Depiction of Women as Objects of Love" presents male expressions of love for women on a more equal level, using images of nature. "The Depiction of Women with Earthly Passions and Vices" offers the male view of women of low moral character and values, depicted as bawdy, drunk, insatiable, and possessed of other earthy traits. This manuscript focuses on the literature, composers, poets, performance, and thematic elements of the accompanying recital.

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Music, Performing arts, Gender studies