Active construction safety leading indicator data collection and evaluation

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The construction industry continues to experience an increased rate of workplace injuries and fatalities when compared to other U.S. industrial sectors. Construction workers often face safety and health risks throughout the construction process because of these dangerous working environments. Current safety practices, which are largely passive in nature, have not yielded the desired optimum results. Further improvements are necessary to enhance construction safety through the implementation of proactive safety strategies. This research seeks to evaluate how construction safety performance can be enhanced during the construction phase through the application of active construction safety leading indicators and sensing technologies. A near miss data collection and analysis framework is created and implemented for the management of safety leading indicator information. An objective evaluation of wearable technology systems for personalized construction safety monitoring is presented together with a model for integrating wearable sensors for multi-parameter safety performance monitoring. The characteristics of wearable devices and safety metrics capable of predicting safety performance and management practices are identified and analyzed. Strategies for the evaluation, selection, and implementation of vehicle intrusion sensing technologies for highway work zone safety are provided. The major contributions of this research involve the scientific data for collecting and evaluating safety leading indicators and innovative technologies, as well as an implementation guide for their application in construction. This research also provides best practices for construction management personnel that allows for the implementation of innovative safety technologies, as well as the use of collected data and information in operational procedures, safety training, and education.

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Civil engineering, Architectural engineering, Occupational safety