Music for Solo Trombone by Diverse Composers

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The standard recital and collegiate trombone repertoire have remained the same for decades. While this standardized repertoire features a range of accessibility, style, and technical challenges, one thing that it has not featured is diversity. In today’s world, anyone can train to become a musician and a trombonist, but until very recently, the repertoire has only included works by white, male composers. This manuscript will serve as a resource for educators, students and professionals seeking to add works by minority composers, specifically by women and black composers, into their library of repertoire, and will discuss their historical background, pedagogical value, and implementation into the standard trombone repertoire. Five pieces for trombone are discussed: Elizabeth Raum’s Fantasy, Red Sky by Anthony Barfield, Ida Gotkovsky’s Concerto, Romance by William Grant Still and Lauren Bernofsky’s Two Latin Dances.

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Diversity, Repertoire, Trombone