Foster Parent Factors Associated with Placement Stability: An Umbrella Review

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Journal of Public Child Welfare

Introduction/Background: This umbrella review summarizes empirical evidence of foster parent factors associated with placement stability. Methods: Joanna Briggs Institute protocol for umbrella reviews was applied in the narrative synthesis of data from four systematic reviews and one meta-analysis to isolate empirical evidence specifically related to foster parents and placement stability. Results: Sixteen foster parent factors associated with placement stability were identified. Twelve of the sixteen identified factors are related to social-emotional competencies (SEC). Discussion: Key limitations to the study include inconsistent operationalization of concepts related to placement types and outcomes in literature and methodological design which precludes examination of primary sources to resolve discrepancies in data reported across reviews. Recommendations include further exploration of the connection between SEC of foster parents and placement stability, more research regarding foster parent mental health, and increased focus on intersectionality of variables related to placement types and outcomes.

Foster parent, Systematic review, Placement stability, Foster care, Parent characteristics
Pixley, J.T. (2023) Foster parent factors associated with placement stability: An umbrella review, Journal of Public Child Welfare. 10.1080/15548732.2023.2264806