Chamber music for trumpet recitals

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This manuscript accompanies an audio CD recording of five chamber music compositions featuring the trumpet: Capricorn Concerto, Op. 21, by Samuel Barber (1945); Music for a Farce, by Paul Powles (1953); Quiet City, by Aaron Copland (1940); Ritmo Jondo, by Carlos Surinach (1952); and Trompetensextett in E-flat minor, Op. 30, by Oskar Böhme (1934). Piano reduction editions have been used for those pieces originally scored with strings or a full orchestra. This project includes a variety of small ensemble works ranging from three to seven players. The pieces presented were chosen because they are written for chamber ensembles with instrumentations that are readily available to musicians in an academic setting, while having a trumpet part that is suitable for performance on a recital. Each work emphasizes skillsets that represent a high level of technical ability and a mature sense of ensemble playing from all of the performers. These selections include some of the most popular music for chamber ensembles with trumpet, in addition to some pieces that are less well known. This manuscript provides a discussion about each piece dealing with ensemble issues and concerns specific to the trumpet part, including suggestions for equipment and ideas for successful practice and performance. The purpose is to provide trumpet players with information to successfully approach performance of these works. This information will help performers prepare each pieces in a pragmatic way.

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