Meta‐Stable Supersymmetry Breaking in an N = 1 Perturbed Seiberg‐Witten Theory


In this contribution, we discuss the possibility of meta‐stable supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking vacua in a perturbed Seiberg‐Witten theory with Fayet‐Iliopoulos (FI) term. We found meta‐stable SUSY breaking vacua at the degenerated dyon and monopole singular points in the moduli space at the nonperturbative level.

Supersymmetry breaking
Sasaki, S., Arai, M., Montonen, C., Okada, N. ( 2008): Meta‐Stable Supersymmetry Breaking in an N = 1 Perturbed Seiberg‐Witten Theory. AIP Conference Proceedings,1078(1). DOI: