Review of Particle Physics*: Particle Data Group

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This biennial Review summarizes much of Particle Physics. Using data from previous editions, plus 1600 new measurements from 550 papers, we list, evaluate, and average measured properties of gauge bosons, leptons, quarks, mesons, and baryons. We also summarize searches for hypothetical particles such as Higgs bosons, heavy neutrinos, and supersymmetric particles. All the particle properties and search limits are listed in Summary Tables. We also give numerous tables, figures, formulae, and reviews of topics such as the Standard Model, particle detectors, probability, and statistics. A booklet is available containing the Summary Tables and abbreviated versions of some of the other sections of this full Review. All tables, listings, and reviews (and errata) are also available on the Particle Data Group website:

Particle Physics, Higgs bosons, heavy neutrinos, supersymmetric particles
Caso, C., et al. (1998): Review of Particle Physics*: Particle Data Group. The European Physical Journal C - Particles, 3(1-4). DOI: