Benefits of participation in arts-based extracurricular activities for youth

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This research investigated the relationship among arts-based extracurricular activities, student proficiency, and student behavior. The study also analyzed the demographic makeup of students that were involved in arts-based extracurricular activities. For this investigation, the data came from the 1992 follow-up study of the National Educational Longitudinal Study (NELS) of 1988. Specific findings from this study showed that if a student was involved in afterschool arts activities, then they were more likely to be involved in the community by volunteering their time and help. Another discovery from this research project showed that there was a difference between gender groups of the student sample. More females participated in arts-based extracurricular activities than males. Future research is needed to help gain a fuller understanding of what types of students participate in arts-based afterschool activities and what are the social, educational, and financial impacts that stem from student participation in arts-based extracurricular activities.

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