A mixed-methods approach to developing a measure of attitudes toward the LGBTQIA+ community

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The project takes a mixed-methods approach in beginning the development of a measure of attitudes toward LGBTQIA+ individuals. The first step was a quantitative analysis to explore the factor structure of the LGB-KASH. The analyses confirmed the need for an updated measure as the original five-factor model of the LGB-KASH did not hold up in confirmatory or exploratory factor analyses. The second part of the study consisted of focus groups in order to gather information regarding reactions to the LGB-KASH measure as well as generate ideas regarding necessary updates and potential items for a new measure. Finally, retained and newly developed items were administered to participants in order to conduct exploratory factor analysis to aid in the development of a new measure of attitudes toward the LGBTQIA+ community. A nine-factor solution containing 53 items was achieved. Eight of the nine factors displayed significant and meaningful associations with demographic characteristics of the sample. Future studies will include confirmatory factor analyses to validate this measure and its factor structure.

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LGBTQ studies, Clinical psychology