Student-generated podcasts as an articulation learning intervention in nursing education

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Students in beginning nursing courses often struggle with mastering foundational content using conventional study methods and research suggests that students learn more effectively when they externalize their developing knowledge to others and reflect on their comprehension via articulation (Sawyer, 2014; NRC, 2005). Others maintain that articulation improves retrieval and retention of learned content (Brown,, 2014; NRC, 2005; NRC, 2000) and is therefore a promising learning strategy for beginning nursing students. Although articulation is not new to educators, an emerging form is the student-generated podcast (SGP), yet few have explored SGP as a learning intervention (McLoughlin, Lee, & Chan, 2006; Lee, McLoughlin & Chan, 2008). This study tested the efficacy of articulation in the form of SGP as a metacognitive learning intervention among baccalaureate nursing students (N = 42) using an experimental matched pair repeated measures research design. The results of this study found that creating a podcast did not have a statistically significant effect on initial learning in pathophysiology; however, producing a SGP on a pathophysiologic topic did facilitate retention of the content over time. The results of this study indicate SGP is a beneficial educational tool for beginning nursing students, with recommendations for future research discussed.

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Nursing, Educational technology