The horn quartets of Michael Kallstrom - a performance guide

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The horn is very versatile and has a home in a variety of chamber ensembles, which makes studying and performing quartets an invaluable component for horn players. Horn quartets not only provide performers with chamber music experience, but are an extension of large ensemble playing and can be an excellent way to enhance a horn section's playing abilities. Today there are a number of active professional quartets who are committed to expanding the library of original compositions for this ensemble. One of the most today's most significant composers of original compositions for horn quartet is Michael Kallstrom, who has composed works for the TransAtlantic Horn Quartet and Quadre. For the past decade, Kallstrom's horn quartets have proven to be valuable additions to the repertoire in many settings, including recitals and competitions. This document will discuss the history of the horn quartet, Michael Kallstrom's creative process, his relationship with the TransAtlantic Horn Quartet and it will examine his two most recognized horn quartets: STARFLAME and HEADBANGER. The document will provide readers with a practical application of these quartets and will discuss their compositional style, forms and motives. It will also include pedagogical instructions in regard to phrasing, fingerings and extended techniques. There will also be a brief discussion regarding Kallstrom's other horn quartets, which include two arrangements of JEEPERS, SOULS MADE OF MUSIC and CRAZY RHYTHM.

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